DINDI offers a comprehensive range of services
for project from concept to commissioning.

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DINDI offers a comprehensive range of services for project from concept to commissioning.

Turnkey Contract for Interior & Fit Out Work
Project Planning: Scope Defining
Structural Design of RCC & Steel Structures
MEP Services Design
Quantity Surveying & Estimation
Value & Risk Management
Constructability Review
Planning and Scheduling
Project Monitoring & Cost Control
Resource Management: Procurement Strategy
Contract Preparation
Execution Strategy
Environmental Certification For The Building: GRIHAM
Construction Planning & Management: Health & Safety
Elevator (Lifts) Consultancy

Risk and Value Management:

The Formal Risk, Value and Knowledge Management process is a powerful team-based communication technique that helps us minimize threats to project/ Company objectives and to maximize affordability/ value for money for our clients.

Value Management:

VM is a structured, systematic, analytical and multidisciplinary approach to examining a project’s functions and a range of stakeholder’s requirements in order to achieve optimum value for money at the lowest overall life cycle project cost.

Setting out task objective with value for money.
Value enhancing not just a cost cutting exercise.
A tool for breaking existing perceptions.

Constructability Review

Constructability review is the process to enable the most efficient deployment of resources on site with the aim of reducing waste, improving conformance quality, increasing productivity, removing safety hazards or reducing schedule.

Constructability Manager is responsible for the direction and preparation of lump sum, unit rate and cost-plus estimates ranging from simple cost analysis to definitive estimates in support of proposals, project controls and project change orders.

Resources Management

Statutory Approvals & Design management Logistics:
  • Check list for List of approvals
  • Clarity of product mix
  • Detail design brief
  • Communication protocol
  • Design management workshops at each level of design stage
  • Information flow
Successful Project Execution:
  • Timely statutory approvals
  • Timely design and drawings
  • Timely procurement of materials & agencies
  • Timely execution
Building Quality and Inspection
  • Ensure construction regulations on structural safety, public health, energy conservation and disability access are observed in new building construction and alteration.
  • Integrated management systems for quality , environment, safety and health.

Advantage of DINDI

  • DINDI project management services provides strategic leadership to the clients in construction, who benefit from the dividends that best in class service provides project cost saving, proactive risk management and profitable strategies for sustainability.
  • Unparalleled collaboration and support.
  • Experienced, focused and creative management skills to guide you from start to finish.
  • We are defined by our spirit of enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction projects can have significant environmental impacts, such as habitat destruction, soil erosion, water pollution, and air quality issues. Environmental consulting helps assess and mitigate these impacts to ensure compliance with regulations and sustainable construction practices.

Our firm offers a range of environmental services for construction projects, including environmental impact assessments (EIAs), site assessments, soil and groundwater testing, stormwater management plans, construction waste management, and compliance with environmental regulations.

We will assist you throughout the permit acquisition process. Our team will assess your project’s environmental impact, prepare the necessary documentation, and engage with regulatory authorities to secure the required permits efficiently.

The timeline for an environmental impact assessment varies depending on the project’s size, complexity, and regulatory requirements. We strive to complete assessments efficiently without compromising on quality.